Sexual (Affectional) Identity

Sexual identity is just one, individualized and personally meaningful, aspect of an individual’s sexual orientation; however, is often scrutinized and misunderstood.  Individuals that identify as a sexual minority experience many barriers and healthcare obstacles, often a result of stigma, prejudice, and discrimination.  This webinar will focus on the unique needs of individuals who identify as sexual minorities to enhance services and promote more effective care. 


This webinar covers the following objectives:

  • Distinguish between sexual (affectional) and gender identity
  • Explain the importance of the minority stress model
  • Discuss the increase in mental health needs of sexual minorities
  • Illustrate the reasons for underutilization of services
  • Discuss multiple factors to consider when working with sexual (affectional) diverse individuals
  • Describe the positive psychology framework and apply this framework to working with sexual minorities
  • Highlight guidelines for behavioral healthcare workers when working with sexual (affectional) diverse individuals


Sexual (Affectional) Identity Webinar Recording

April 2, 2020
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