Suicide Assessment and Response for K-12 Populations


Suicide Assessment and Response for K-12 Populations

October 27, 2020

Responding to mental health crises and risk of suicide in a school setting presents unique challenges and considerations for mental health practitioners, educators, and parents. During this free, 90-minute training, special attention was given to common screening and assessment tools used in school settings, best practices for utilizing an interdisciplinary team approach to respond to youth experiencing thoughts of suicide in a school setting, and ways to identify risk and protective factors for youth and adolescents at risk of suicide. Participants in this session learned recommended best practices for assessing children and adolescents for suicide and initiating appropriate responses to youth experiencing thoughts of suicide in a K-12 school setting




Erin Briley, MS, NCSP 

Erin BrileyErin Briley works for WICHE’s Behavioral Health Program as a Research and Technical Assistant Associate as well as a Technical Trainer for the Mountain Plains MHTTC.  Ms. Briley’s work with the WICHE Behavioral Health Program includes a variety of behavioral health projects, but her primary roles involve assisting the creation and implementation of Psychology Internship Consortiums in rural western states as well as providing training and supports for school behavioral health. Prior to coming to WICHE, Ms. Briley worked for 20 years in the schools, serving primarily as a school psychologist and providing educational and behavioral health direct and indirect supports for children ages 3 through 22 of all developmental levels in California, Hawaii, and Colorado. During that timeframe, Erin also had opportunities to serve as a special education administrator, program manager for a School Based Behavioral Health program for Hawaii’s Department of Education, as well as trained and supervised paraprofessionals providing individualized supports to children with special needs. She earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University, her Master’s in Counseling/School Psychology and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis at California State University Los Angeles and is working on her PhD (ABD) in Clinical Psychology. Ms. Briley is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She has completed certificates in Grant Writing and is working towards her Credential in Public Leadership. 

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