The Role of the Peer within a Clinical Team | Recorded Webinar

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Peer specialists are not clinicians, yet work as members of clinical teams. What are the role responsibilities that colleagues can expect peer specialists to fulfill? What are signs of drift from the role of peer specialist and what does assimilation into clinical look like? In this webinar Pat Deegan discusses the unique and unduplicated contribution of peer specialists working as members of clinical teams. This webinar is relevant to, not just peer specialists, but to all members of the clinical team.




Pat Deegan, PhD

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Patricia E. Deegan, PhD's mission is to help activate and empower mental health services users in their own recovery and to provide peer supporters and clinicians with the know-how to support people in their recovery journey. She is uniquely positioned to fulfill her vocation because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, went on to get her doctorate in clinical psychology and today leads a company run by and for people in recovery. She is a thought-leader in the field of mental health recovery, has numerous peer-reviewed publications, has held a number of academic appointments, and has carried a message of hope for recovery to audiences around the world. In addition to her work on the CommonGround Program, she consults with OnTrackNY and has helped the team at the Center for Practice Innovations develop an innovative model for engaging young people under the NIMH RAISE Study. The model is now being adopted nationally.

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May 4, 2022
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