Trauma-Informed Learning for Early Childhood Educators: Cultural Humility and Responsiveness

Session Two: Cultural Humility and Responsiveness

Trauma-Informed Learning for Early Childhood Educators Series

May 14, 2020

This session focused on the need for understanding and integrating the practices of cultural humility into a trauma-based model. Participants learned about; the three parts of practicing cultural humility, the successful application of this model in early childhood work, and the importance of cultural humility when working from a trauma-informed approach. A focus was given to supporting participants to develop strategies that address inequities in their systems while raising equity. Finally, participants were given information on how to identify and respond to microaggressions as a bystander with privilege, and/or as adults protecting children.


Learning objectives for this series:

  • Learn evidence-based practices that teach children how to replace trauma-based coping strategies with resilience-based strategies.
  • Understand and develop strategies to address trauma-based inequities in your systems and raise equity.
  • Review and practice several evidence-based wellness and resilience practices.


Early Childhood Educator Training Series
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