Trauma-Informed Learning for Early Childhood Educators: Understanding Grief and Increasing Wellness

Session Three: Understanding Grief and Increasing Wellness

Trauma-Informed Learning for Early Childhood Educators Series

May 21, 2020

This session focused on the grief that different traumatic experiences can trigger, including the current pandemic. By understanding that the experience of grief can be used to build resilience, this session provides participants with tools needed to build and cultivate resilience within themselves to accomplish this for themselves and the children they work with. Other topics that were covered include the stages of grief and variability within those stages; the developmental psychology of grief; strategies for building and promoting resilience practices that foster connection and wellness among children, staff, and communities.


Learning objectives for this series:

  • Learn evidence-based practices that teach children how to replace trauma-based coping strategies with resilience-based strategies.
  • Understand and develop strategies to address trauma-based inequities in your systems and raise equity.
  • Review and practice several evidence-based wellness and resilience practices.


Early Childhood Educator Training Series
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