When Race/Racism is the Elephant in the Room: How to Bring Up Race in Therapeutic Conversations and Not Come Undone | Recorded Webinar


Over the last few years, racial divisions have been explored more openly in the American mainstream. However, in most therapeutic relationships, clients of color are likely to not open up if their provider is of a different race. In a time when racial turmoil hits the news daily, worries about safety, belonging, inclusion, etc. are commonplace for both individuals as well as communities of color. When those worries are not expressed in therapeutic encounters, they become the elephant in the room. Learning to listen for the clues and skillfully bringing up race are opportunities to connect meaningfully with your clients of color and provide them with the high quality of care they deserve.


Learning Objectives:

  • Increase the success rate of fair and impartial treatment
  • Become better providers
  • Decrease harm to marginalized communities





Image of Sherronda Jamerson

Sherronda Jamerson, MA, CDP

Sherronda Jamerson obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2012 from City University College in Seattle, WA, and became certified as a Chemical Dependency Professional in 2007. Her experiences include developing, implementing, and presenting EDI trainings to associations of healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, schools, and community-based organizations. She has also presented at state and national behavioral health conferences on the topics of DEI and Healthcare Equity. She presents with confidence and passion.


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December 19, 2022
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