Workshop 2 of MI in July: Developmentally Responsive Motivational Interviewing for School Based Providers

Motivational interviewing (MI) provides us with a way to have conversations about change. Practitioners use MI with adolescents, young adults, and parents to successfully support their values and guide them toward their own desired change targets. In this session, Dr. Dempsey discussed research-based MI interventions for youth and specific strategies to reduce resistance and engage young people in conversations about and movement toward personally meaningful change.


Viewers of this video can benefit from the following learning objectives: 

  • Determine at least one type of motivation-based intervention appropriate for children, adolescents/young adults, and parents.
  • Construct at least one values-based intervention to help guide adolescent and young adults toward change targets.
  • Practice two interventions to reduce resistance and support autonomy of youth engaged in conversations about change.
  • Design one conversation about change intended to support and guide parents of youth involved in change.
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