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About the MHTTC & Project AWARE Partnership:

Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) is a SAMHSA-funded initiative focused on the mental health of youth in schools, aged 12-17. Project AWARE funds state, tribal, territorial, and local education agencies to increase awareness of youth mental health; provide mental health training to school personnel and other adults who interact with youth; and connect youth and their families to mental health services.

In 2021, SAMHSA requested that the MHTTC Network provide technical assistance (TA) during our Year 4 (August 15, 2021 - August 14, 2022) to the Project AWARE grantees from the 2018-2021 cohorts. As a first step, the MHTTC Network conducted a needs assessment with Project AWARE grantees to understand project goals and challenges, outline mental health-related evidence-based practices being implemented, and identify training and technical assistance needs. Needs assessments were conducted via questionnaire, virtual meetings, and/or interviews. You may access the Needs Assessment findings here.

The MHTTC Network will continue to support the Project AWARE grantees in our Project Year 5 (August 15, 2022 - September 29, 2023) by providing the services below. A map of the 92 Project AWARE grantees that the MHTTC Network is supporting is available here.

  • Resource identification, including access to already planned MHTTC TA events and available resources
  • Provision of training and technical assistance across AWARE grantees in a region or among Tribal grantees
  • Connections with other regional and cross-regional Project AWARE grantees for peer support opportunities
  • Consultation on leadership and workforce development, as it relates to the goals of the grant
  • Assisting with making connections to resources from other SAMHSA-funded TA centers

Bi-Monthly Project AWARE TA Tidbits

Project AWARE TA Tidbits are technical assistance updates provided by the Regional and National Population-Focused Centers on a bi-monthly basis, aimed at providing a birds-eye view of the impactful technical assistance, training, collaboration and relationship-building activities each one of our Centers lead with Project AWARE grantees in their regions.

December 2022 TA Tidbits

February 2023 TA Tidbits

April 2023 TA Tidbits

June 2023 TA Tidbits

Additional Information for Project AWARE Grantees:

To find out more about navigating MHTTC Technical Assistance for your grant and contacting your MHTTC-AWARE Regional or Tribal liaison, you may access the Navigating MHTTC TA resource.

In addition to the direct TA provided by the MHTTC Regional and Population-Specific Centers, Project AWARE Grantees are welcome to attend other school mental health focused MHTTC events (see event description for limits on attendees) and access all resources. The monthly Project AWARE Grantees School Mental Health Bulletin provides a snapshot of the school mental health events being hosted across the MHTTC Network for upcoming months, as well as recently released MHTTC products and resources. Project AWARE-specific technical assistance activities and external resources are also highlighted.

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Questions? Please contact Jessica Gonzalez, MHTTC School Mental Health Coordinator at [email protected].