The Mid-America MHTTC Team


The Mid-America MHTTC is led by practicing clinicians and faculty affiliated with the Munroe-Meyer Institute and Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to get in touch with our team.



Photo of Dr. Brandy Clarke



Brandy Clarke, Ph.D., LP
Project Director





Holly Roberts, Ph.D., LP
Integrated Care Program Director





Erika Franta, Ph.D., LP
School Mental Health Program Director

Marla Smith  

       Marla Smith, MS, LMHP, LMHC
       Serious Mental Illness Program Director






Marley Doyle, M.D.
Behavioral Health Workforce Development Program Director





Shelbie Johnson, M.Ed
Project Coordinator


Photo of Laura Holly



Laura Holly
Project Manager


Photo of Sheila Shanle



Sheila Shanle
Project Associate


Photo of Shelby Zivny



Shelby Zivny
Communications Specialist


Annie Albin



       Anne Albin, M.A.
       Communications Specialist 






Allison "Alli" Morton, PhD

Angela Schindler-Berg, MS, LMHP

Christian Klepper, PsyD, LP

Hannah West, PhD, BCBA, LP

Jennifer Burt, PhD, LP

Jessica Christensen, M.Ed

Kaitlyn Young, PhD, LMPH, PLP

Mindy Chadwell, PhD, BCBA, LP