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Roundup: Well-being training opportunities

Publication Date: Apr 01, 2021

Editors' Note: This story ran in our April newsletter, published April 1.


Last month, our Center launched a brand new programming area centered around improving the resiliency and well-being of health professionals and educators.


Information about this training and technical assistance is available on our new Professional Well-Being page. The foundation for this program, as outlined on the web page, is the Adult Resilience Curriculum, a 10-module model rooted in adult positive psychology and organizational well-being theories. ARC is further divided into two tracks:


  1. ARC for Educators
  2. ARC for Health Professionals


See below for additional professional well-being training opportunities and resources.


Supporting Professional Well-Being in Health Care: An HHS Region 7 Town Hall Event


Hospital workers illustration town hall eventSupporting Professional Well-Being in Health Care: An HHS Region 7 Town Hall Event, occurring 3-4 p.m. April 30, will provide information on the current context of professional well-being within health care and feature several regional experts focusing on supporting organizational well-being within their health care systems. Panelists from various large hospital systems will share strategies and lessons learned from implementing employee well-being initiatives at the organizational level. Participants will have the opportunity to submit live questions for the moderated panel as they learn ways to support well-being for health care professionals. Register now.



Burnout Busters: The Podcast



Burnout Busters LogoWe are not robots: How stress is core to being human and ways we can work with it during tough times

Monday, March 29, 2021 | Listen now!


Well-being is likely a familiar concept to most health care professionals, but misunderstood or underutilized ​when applying it to themselves. Our new podcast, Burnout Busters, helps health care workers make sense of the wealth of well-being research and apply these tried and true practices to their own lives ​and organizations. Well-versed in well-being, Drs. Jordan Thayer and Hannah West help providers identify their values, begin their mindfulness journey, and engage in activities that reinforce the principles of well-being. Join us for ​practical tips​ ​and strategies, guest experts, and more. New episodes drop on Mondays. Use the hashtag #mhttcbyebyeburnout to enter a drawing for our in-production Burnout Busters workbooks.


Enhancing Health Professionals’ Well-Being: A Structured Approach Utilizing the Adult Resilience Curriculum (ARC)


Health care workers illustration ARC 101 webinarLast month, we hosted an informational 101 on the Adult Resilience Curriculum for Health Professionals. This webinar targeted health care professionals, administrators, and stakeholders interested in developing a culture of well-being. We broke down the what, why, and how of the ARC and discussed stress: how it affects us psychologically and biologically, why it is necessary in certain situations, and how it relates to our overall well-being. The webinar also featured a sneak preview of our well-being podcast Burnout Busters. Watch the webinar here.



Well-Being Wednesdays: Taking Care of Educators Who Take Care of Kids


Well-Being Wednesdays Webinar Series Image of Two Teachers Talking in HallwayWell-Being Wednesdays: Taking Care of Educators Who Take Care of Kids is an ongoing webinar series geared toward education professionals, administrators, and stakeholders who are working together to create a culture of well-being that supports students and educators. Each session in this monthly series focuses on one of the 10 ARC practice modules, following a tell-show-do approach. There are only a few sessions remaining, including Feeling Good Physically Through Nutrition, Movement, and Sleep, which airs 12-12:30 p.m. April 14.



Professional Well-Being

ARC for Health Professionals

ARC for Educators