School-Based Mental Health Program


School-Based Mental Health


Educators are often the first line of support in addressing mental health needs for students. They recognize the impact mental health has on learning and achievement.In response, the Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) has developed training, technical assistance, and resources to support school-based mental health. The MHTTC team continues to develop online resource guides and toolkits as well as curricula and self-paced trainings to assist school professionals in understanding and implementing core concepts of best practices in school mental health. The Mountain Plains MHTTC team members are also available for technical assistance and in person or distance training on topics and issues most relevant to your school, district, or state.

Primary Goals of the School-Based Mental Health Program include:

  1. Provide training and technical assistance on implementation of evidence based mental health services, supports, and programs in schools and districts.
  2. Build capacity and create learning communities among educators.
  3. Provide resources and support for schools, districts, and teachers to address trauma and incorporate trauma responsive practices in the classroom.
  4. Integrate mental health into teacher preparation so teachers are prepared to support all students.

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Additional School-Based Mental Health Resources

There are several resources available that provide summaries of school mental health concerns, up-to-date data visualizations, and toolkits for addressing barriers to mental health services for families, educators, and students. These external resources have been organized by topic.