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School Mental Health Summit: Emerging Stronger and More Resilient: Learning From the COVID-19 Crisis
The Secret Sauce for Building Successful Home-School Partnerships | School Mental Health Summit Day 2, Session 1
September 2, 2021

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According to Dr. Karen Mapp, “Parent participation is the leading predictor that supports students’ academic success, regardless of family race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or cultural background.” Research has consistently demonstrated that when families are engaged children benefit. In spite of the research, we continue to struggle with building and sustaining effective family-school partnerships because stakeholders have not had the opportunity to develop the capacity to partner effectively. This session will review best practices that provide opportunities for educators to effectively engage with all families and create opportunities for families to develop their ability to support their children’s learning and development. Attendees will learn how to build social capital for families and move from implementing activities where some “families just show up” to events that build the capacity of families to support their children’s education!



Sherri Wilson