Part 1-In This Moment: Nudging Ourselves Towards Inner Calm and Connection

12:00pm - July 14, 2021 thru 1:30pm - July 14, 2021 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Southeast MHTTC
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Series Title: Creating Cultures of Staff Wellness for our Schools and Community Partners

Intended Audience

This series designed for educators, state and district leadership, student mental health staff on campus, and community mental health allies.


Learning Objectives

Participants who join this session will be able to:

  1. Use a trauma-informed framework for noticing and responding to how we react to stress.
  2. Gain strategies to support our capacity for maintaining a sense of safety and connection when we need it most.
  3. Use a tool to develop awareness and skills to promote our ability to stay balanced, connected, and compassionate (including to ourselves) when feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Session overview

Feel like you’ve been running nonstop since you can’t remember when? Is your tank on empty? It’s been a lot. This session is designed for all of you who have been navigating twists and turns, pushing forward through unpredictable and changing circumstances, and mustering energy to care for students and coworkers day after day. Together, we will take pause to consider how to make sense of the stress we experience, understand how long term exposure to crisis changes how we function, and link to specific things we can do right now to improve our sense of balance, calm, and capacity to connect. This is the introduction to a series intended to help you reset and restore your own sense of wellness, and to help inform the way districts and schools promote cultures of care that benefit staff and partners.