Peer Support Services

The GMHCN conducting a listening session with peers in Georgia

The GMHCN conducting a listening session with peers in Georgia


A certified peer specialist is a person with a lived experience of a mental health condition that supports and assists others in their recovery.  Certified peer specialists can help improve outcomes by modeling successful behaviors and coping strategies and by guiding others in effectively utilizing community resources.  A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of peer specialists in supporting mental health recovery and physical well-being, across a range of mental health and primary care settings. (1.2)


Peer Support Specialists are role models of hope, self-care and recovery skills. Their lived experience helps clients not only with the daily task of living with and recovering from mental illness, but also in navigating the complex mental health care system. They are specially qualified to help clients develop goals and wellness plans, monitor recovery progress, get support during a crisis, and learn effective coping strategies. Peers also assist in obtaining resources, overcoming day-to-day barriers associated with mental illness, and changing stigma.

Peer Support Services are a main focus of the Southeast MHTTC’s activities. In partnership with the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network (GMHCN), we provide trainings to peer specialists and peer employers throughout the eight HHS Region IV states. Our training entitled “The Peer Voice: The Foundation of a Recovery-Oriented System of Change” provides mental health peers the ability to gather data from their communities to build support for mental health recovery. Participating peers learn how grassroots mental health organizations successfully emerge by responding to the needs and goals of the people in their communities and by working collaboratively with other organizations and service providers. 


Peer Voice trainings are held throughout the HHS Region IV states. Visit our Events calendar to view upcoming trainings, or click here for more information about our Peer Voice training.

Peer organizations have an opportunity receive intensive consultation through the Southeast MHTTC Practice Coaching Program. To learn more about our Practice Coaching Program for Peer agencies, click here

Interested in what peer services look like in each Region IV state? See our peer resources by visiting our Products & Resources Catalog.


SAMHSA recognizes the value of peers. To learn more about peer provider resources, visit the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions



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