School-Based Mental Health

School-Based Mental Health


The Southeast Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (Southeast MHTTC) launched a Southeast School Mental Health Learning Community. The community is comprised of state and district leaders in the Department of Behavioral Health and Department of Education from the HHS Region IV states.  The mission of the Learning Community focuses on improving state and district capacity to implement effective multi-tiered systems of school mental health support, with a special emphasis on integrating school mental health into state and district school safety planning. In partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH), state teams receive the following key support activities:


State Site Visit

A one-day in-person technical assistance/training visit to support each state’s unique school mental health priorities and quality improvement goal.


Coaching Calls

The Southeast MHTTC designed coaching calls to address national school mental health challenges and sustainability efforts specific to HHS Region IV states.


Virtual Learning Sessions

The Southeast MHTTC hosts virtual learning sessions to present topics related to school mental health. Led by NCSMH and the Southeast MHTTC leaders, the team tailors virtual learning sessions to the needs and interests of HHS Region IV states.


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