Communicating About School Mental Health

This series, Communicating About School Mental Health, provides state and local education agencies with information about how to most effectively communicate about school mental health to audiences who may not have a background in education or mental health. It provides strategies and tools that help navigate pitfalls and craft messaging likely to raise awareness, increase engagement, and convey the value of improving student wellness.


Part 1: Communication 101 for School Mental Health: Engaging Adults on Campus Who Do Not Have a Mental Health Background shares key considerations for how to communicate about children’s mental health in ways that resonate with individuals who are not mental health professionals. It provides strategies and tools for making sure that teachers, principals, parents, caregivers and other allies learn what you would like them to know about school mental health and student wellness. 


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Part 2: Making Sense of School Mental Health: A New Graphic Tool on the Role of Teachers provides recommendations on how to translate complex concepts about children’s mental health and school mental health into visual aides to enhance understanding. In this session, we provide a new graphic tool designed to help you communicate with teachers about their role and the role of other adults on campus in supporting school mental health. Participants will be able to access and implement the graphic tool with a full suite of support tools. View Graphic Tool Here. 


View Slides and Recording Here


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