Creating Cultures of Staff Wellness & Care for our Schools & Community Partners

In this series, we share information about conditions that support health, regulation, and healing when stress levels are high and enduring. We provide tools and strategies that can be used to prevent stress from becoming harmful, or to ensure you and your workplace bounce back from it when it gets you down. We begin with a focus on what you are experiencing right now and connect you to concrete ways to understand and change how you experience of stress. Next in the series, we build your capacity to act individually and collectively to support the emotional health of self and colleagues during times of stress. Finally, we focus on how leadership establishes or strengthens cultures of care in order for all staff to thrive.


Part One: In this Moment: Nudging Ourselves Towards Inner Calm and Connection


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This session is grounded in supporting healthy stress management for feeling safe and connected, rather than feeling like we need an escape hatch.



Part Two: Listening to Scientists and our Grandmothers: Taking Care of a Human Being


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This session reviews research and best practices on things that keep prolonged stress from impacting our short and long-term health  - so we can experience the health and vitality we deserve in our work with students and colleagues. View the modular video series that offers information and tips for each of seven self-care strategies: 


Strategy #1: Quality Sleep | link to video 

Strategy #2: Supportive Relationships | link to video

Strategy #3: Mindfulness | link to video

Strategy #4: Mental Health | link to video 

Strategy #5: Access to Nature | link to video 

Strategy #6: Physical Movement | link to video 

Strategy #7: Nutrition | link to video 


Part Three: Creating Intentional Cultures of Wellness and Care Where Staff Can Thrive

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This session outlines an imperative for leadership to create workplaces where employees have a chance at being healthy,  and where they are safe from the physical and emotional damage associated with chronic stress and lack of social support. We share research on best practices and real world examples of systems and policies that promote staff wellness so that the campus environment is supportive for all.



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