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NOMs Data Collection for Project AWARE Grantees (May 2022)

SAMHSA established the National Outcome Measures (NOMs) to provide uniform measurement of behavioral health outcomes across grant funded programs and initiatives. The purpose of this two-part training series is to provide guidance, tools, and practical resources to AWARE grantees to help them successfully navigate the NOMS data collection and reporting process. The series consists of two sessions that combine direct instruction with workshopping to explore how learnings can be applied to local grantee service settings.

Part I: An Overview (May 2022)

This 90-minute session introduces the National Outcome Measures (NOMs) data collection and reporting process and discussed how it can be implemented within a school-based or school-linked mental health services setting. The session provides an overview of the NOMs Client-level Measurement Tool and domains, reviewed key stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and detailed data collection and management practices. The session was designed for AWARE SEA and LEA team members who have a role in collecting or reporting NOMS data.

Part II: SPARS Data Reporting, Monitoring, and Data Use (May 2022)

The second 90-minute session builds on information presented in the Part 1 of this series. This session provides an overview of SAMHSA’s SPARS data reporting system, including guidance on how to access SPARS and how and when to enter National Outcome Measures (NOMs) data, how to use SPARS monitoring tools and reporting functions, and how to export and analyze data to support local project implementation. The session is designed for AWARE SEA and LEA team members who have a role in collecting or reporting NOMS data.


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