Honoring National Suicide Prevention Month

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Editor’s note: Amended version of an article originally published in the September 2022 Danya Dialogue newsletter


September is National Suicide Prevention Month, a time designated every year to raise awareness about suicide prevention, reduce stigma around the topic, and encourage those struggling with their mental health to get the resources and support they need.


Almost 46,000 people in the United States ended their lives by suicide in 2020. It is the second leading cause of death for children aged 10–14 and adults aged 35–44, and the third leading cause of death for young people aged 15–24. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports).


The simple act of reaching out to a friend, family member, or someone in your community is something we all can do. Just being there to provide support can be a crucial first step toward saving a life.


The Central East MHTTC offers the following resources to help increase understanding about complex issues related to suicide:

Black Youth Suicide Prevention (webinar recording)

Reimagining Wellness: Preventing Suicide among Black Boys

Saving Young Black Lives: Reversing Suicide Trends

MHTTC Suicide Risk Fact Sheet

Growing Crisis: Suicide Death Rate, Attempts and Injuries among Black Youth

Dying to Ask for Help: Suicide Trends and Treatment Disparities among U.S. Adolescents (webinar recording)

Suicide and Opioids (webinar recording)

Suicide Prevention Area of Focus Webpage


Federal Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Institute of Mental Health


U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships


MHTTC Network

Resources and Upcoming Events

988 and Crisis Services


Other Resources of Interest

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention: Best Practices and Policy Implications

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