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Communicating the Value of Social Emotional Learning: Evidence and Resources to Facilitate Community Conversations (May 2022)

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs are arguably more important now than ever to support student mental health, interpersonal skill development and academic success using a universal public health approach in education. However, many schools and communities question what SEL programs are and face challenges to assess SEL program quality and alignment with local education priorities. This learning session provides practical information about how to communicate what SEL is, including an overview of free, reputable resources that can be used to assess SEL program components and evidence. We offer resources and facilitated discussion related to challenges communicating about SEL to equip participants with skills to lead discussions and answer questions about SEL in their communities.


Implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) During a Crisis (December 2021)
This session highlights a targeted, feasible approach to implement SEL during a crisis with “SEL Kernels”. SEL Kernels are evidence-based, flexible, practical strategies to promote student SEL skill development, coping and resilience. In this learning session, we will detail the steps of assessing student SEL needs, identifying SEL Kernels to meet those needs, and implementing the SEL Kernels.


Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Schools (January 2021)
Everyone has mental health, which is an essential aspect of our overall health, wellness and success. Moreover, less than half of the youth who need mental health services and supports receive them, due to stigma or not knowing how to get help. This learning session will focus on evidence-based, practical strategies for schools to reduce stigma, increase awareness about the importance of mental health, and promote literacy about what mental health is and how to access supports when needed.


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