Design Thinking workshops planned for education & behavioral health workforces

June 20, 2023


The Mid-America MHTTC has announced two new events featuring the innovative method known as Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process that tackles issues through six key stages: emphasize, define, ideate, create, test, and implement. The Mid-America MHTTC is working alongside the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Design Thinking team to facilitate these conversations. 

This June the team will host the Educator Well-Being Summit: Addressing Barriers Using Design Thinking. This closed event will bring together education experts and practitioners as they acknowledge barriers and create actionable steps within their school systems. In August, the team will reconvene for Answering the Call: Using Principles of Design Thinking to Address Issues in Behavioral Health Workforce Development. This event will be co-hosted alongside the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska, and invites participants from across the behavioral health workforce. 

Each event consists of a two day in-person workshop with all attendees. If you are interested in attending the August event, click here



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