Mid-America MHTTC hosts two day educator well-being summit

July 12, 2023

School professionals from across Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and the rest of the United States congregated together June 27 and 28th for the Mid-America MHTTC's Educator Well-being Summit. 


During the two day event, participants engaged with the process of design thinking. Led by the University of Nebraska Medical Center's design thinking team, participants broke into small groups where together they walked through the innovative and expansive method of design thinking to address barriers of educator well-being and source solutions.


At the end of the summit, each group presented their ideas through the form of a skit showcasing their newly designed "product" or solution for educator well-being. Using props, acting and improv skills, the teams communicated the barriers they discovered and the exciting paths for progress in the future. 


To learn more about design thinking, visit UNMC's Design Thinking page


A full conference room.
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