Mid-America MHTTC sponsors Decolonizing Training and Supervision Conference

November 13, 2023


Last week, the Mid-America MHTTC sponsored the Decolonizing Training and Supervision Conference. 


Built off the interest & efforts of the earlier series, Decolonizing Training and Supervision: Implementing a Culturally Responsive Model of Training, this two-day intensive training attracted more than 10 attendees. 


The conference was delivered by Dr. Anitra Warrior and Dr. Patricia Cerda-Lizarraga with Morningstar Counseling. Dr. Warrior, Dr. Cerda-Lizarraga, and Dr. Belinda Hinojos developed the content. To learn more about the conference, visit this page or read the objectives below. 



  • Describe the role of colonization and historical trauma in behavioral health training. 
  • Define what it means to decolonize supervision and training. 
  • Identify ways to apply the supervision models in a culturally adapted manner and how this can impact health outcomes. 
  • Examine the power differentials that exist between supervisors and supervisees to identify practices that protect providers/trainees. 
  • Create your own collaborative supervision contracts highlighting cultural integration. 
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities as individuals and the healthcare team when supporting a trainee's experience over the year to adapt your clinic aesthetic, policies and procedures, language, and staff representation.



Conference attendees watch as a presentation is occurring.
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