South Southwest MHTTC Year 3 Summary

October 11, 2021

View the South Southwest MHTTC Year 3 Summary in detail.

The South Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center is excited to publish and share our Year 3 Summary Report, which highlights our impact across Region 6 and more, spotlights significant events from this past year, and provides updates on our School Mental Health and Provider Well Being supplements.

Serving Human Services Region 6, (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas), the South Southwest MHTTC primarily focuses on populations such as mental health clinicians, supervisors, and program managers serving individuals with or at risk of serious emotional disturbances (SED) or severe mental illness (SMI); peer support providers; community mental health, and others. 

In Year 3, the South Southwest MHTTC hosted 175 events with 8,196 participants, up from 6,987 participants in Year 3. Read more highlights and the outcomes of specific events in the summary page.

South Southwest MHTTC Year 3 Summary Cover
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