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There is a great deal of discussion in human service organizations about the need to create authentic and sustainable trauma-informed cultures. Aspiring to develop a truly person-centered culture is no small task. It must address the realities of trauma while also tending to the unique needs of leaders responsible for the organization. The challenge to leaders does not go unnoticed! If you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into the issue of workplace culture and trauma, join us!

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Season Three:

Episode 2: You Do You - Letting Go of Expectations Postpartum

Amanda walks us through her experiences with challenges postpartum, such as unsuccessful breastfeeding attempts, managing dysregulation, and reparenting herself while learning to parent. Natalie and Amanda also touch on finding community among other women.

Episode 1: Name It to Tame It - An Introduction to Maternal Mental Health

Dr. Natalie Fikac and Amanda Boquist kick things off by defining maternal mental health. Amanda shares the ups and downs of her pre-pregnancy and pregnancy journey— including confronting shame, being pregnant during the pandemic, and letting go of control. 

Season Two:

Episode 3: Who You Are is How You Lead

Finding balance can feel like an uphill battle. Natalie and Mordecai discuss how we can create work-life integration and introduce the concept of finding your 'genius space'. They also offer advice to school leaders that organizational change starts with modeling it at an individual level. Who we are is how we lead.

Episode 2: Self-Compassion & Self-Awareness

Mindfulness requires self-compassion. In order to take good care of others, we need to be willing to first recognize what we need to take care of ourselves. Mordecai and Natalie reflect on what it means to be self-aware and how that ties into self-compassion. They also reflect on our common humanity.

Episode 1: What is Mindfulness?

Dr. Natalie Fikac unpacks mindfulness and offers resources for educators through her upcoming training. Mordecai and Natalie also discuss how professionals (in schools and beyond) can use mindfulness tools to foster a compassionate, empathetic work environment.

Season One:

Episode 5: Closing the Loop: Final Thoughts- Where Do We Go From Here?

As leaders work toward integrating trauma-informed practices into their workplaces, what should they consider? After discussing trauma-based leadership, Dr. Ham discusses creating purpose-driven teams with leaders that embrace their role as contributors to organizational culture. Sustaining culture, legacy, and the needs of a post-pandemic workforce are explored. 

Episode 4: Recovery Road: Leading the Recovering Workforce

In this episode, Dr. Ham discusses ways to approach recovery and regulation as well as the impact of recovery on well-being. Misconceptions about regulation are discussed in addition to the challenge of embracing trauma-based suffering and pain to achieve wellness. Recovery is considered as a lifetime and an intergenerational journey toward wellness. Finally, we talk about implications for the workplace leader working on their own recovery while also interacting with employees who have a recovery journey of their own.

Episode 3: Building a Trauma Informed Leadership Practice: “Put down your sword, take off your armor!”

Dr. Jacob Ham explains benefits and challenges for leaders employing trauma -based principles in their daily work. Creating a practice for trauma -based leadership requires honesty and a level of vulnerability not traditionally associated with leaders.

Episode 2: What is a Trauma Informed Organization?

In episode 2, Dr. Jacob Ham explores the challenges of trauma-informed practice in large and small organizations. We discuss the emerging role of leaders in organizations desiring to provide trauma based, recovery-oriented, person-centered services.

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Episode 1: Trauma: A Human Condition That Needs Human Connection

In episode 1, Dr. Jacob Ham discusses the reality of trauma in our life experiences. This episode explores factors associated with traumatic experiences and trauma’s impact on human behavior and well-being. Building safe and trusting relationships is at the core of trauma-informed work.

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