Trauma-Informed Care Training

Trauma is pervasive and impacts all of us, children and adults. One way we can be responsive, healing centered, and recovery oriented in this space is to normalize that which we know is real. Building a form of care centered and informed by trauma can help promote a culture of safety, trust, empowerment and choice, and peer support. In collaboration with the Children’s Commission and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), the South Southwest MHTTC has compiled and curated documents meant to provide all available trauma-informed care training resources for various professionals.

The training resources provided in these documents were collected in a collaborative effort between the SAMHSA Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC), the Cross Systems Trauma-informed Care initiative led by Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and the Statewide Collaborative on Trauma-informed Care led by the Supreme Court of Texas Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families (Children’s Commission). This information has been compiled from multiple sources and the MHTTC, HHSC and the Children’s Commission cannot guarantee either the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information or the effectiveness of the trainings listed. The MHTTC, HHSC and the Children’s Commission do not endorse any one training resource, modality, or curriculum. These documents are intended to serve as a non-exhaustive list of resources as the field continues to change and evolve regarding trauma.

Trauma Informed Care Basics

As systems transition towards offering trauma-informed care, it's crucial for all levels of an organization to grasp its fundamentals. Resources and courses are available to introduce participants to stress, trauma, and trauma-informed care. Completing these courses can help organizational staff develop a common understanding, recognize stress and trauma, understand resilience in adversity, and learn how to support trauma-informed care. This online course, developed by the South Southwest MHTTC and the Texas Cross-Systems Trauma-Informed Care Initiative with SAMHSA's support, facilitates this essential learning.

Trauma Informed Care Series: Knowledge & Strategies for Health and Hope

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is an evidence-based framework particularly suited to collaboratively identify risk factors to care, such as medication access and use, therapeutic engagement, and non-medical resource needs and navigation.

Talking Beyond Trauma Podcast

There is a great deal of discussion in human service organizations about the need to create authentic and sustainable trauma-informed cultures. Aspiring to develop a truly person-centered culture is no small task. It must address the realities of trauma while also tending to the unique needs of leaders responsible for the organization. The challenge to leaders does not go unnoticed! If you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into the issue of workplace culture and trauma, join us!

Trauma-Informed Care Training Resources 

Trauma-Informed Care Training for School Professionals 
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Caregivers  
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Legal Professionals
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Victim Services Professionals
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals 
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Juvenile Justice Professionals  
Trauma-Informed Care Training for Child Welfare Professionals

These documents are up to date as of December 2020.

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