Awareness and Detection of Perinatal Mental Health Concerns

PMH hands holding baby feet

Many persons may experience perinatal mental health concerns during the prenatal and postpartum periods. Practitioners play an important role in supporting birthing individuals through the detection, assessment and treatment of perinatal mental health symptoms as well as the delivery of sensitive and culturally competent care.

Perinatal Mental Health Learning Series: Strategies and Considerations for Behavioral Health and Health Care Providers is a virtual learning series intended for health and behavioral health providers who work with individuals affected by mental health symptoms during the perinatal period. Expert speakers emphasize increasing awareness and screening methods in perinatal mental health and health care, as well as psychotherapeutic treatment. This is the first session, Awareness and Detection of Perinatal Mental Health Concerns belonging to the 2-part series.

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry leads this discussion about the importance of increasing awareness and screening for perinatal mental health concerns. A focus on the disparities and racism experienced by Black women and the subsequent impact on maternal health and mortality, and specifically perinatal mental health, is brought to light during this webinar. Strategies to address these concerns are included.

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