Educator Wellness Webinar #2: Supporting Educator Wellbeing: Wellness Tips to Help You S.O.A.R.

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The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and the Northwest PBIS Network are collaborating to bring you a FREE, 4-part webinar series presented by WellEducator, LLC


The Educator Wellness Webinar Series is part of The Well-Being Series - Connections During COVID-19: Mental Wellness Webinars for Families and Educators. Click here to learn more about our series of webinars for kids, parents, and educators, focusing on mental wellness and suicide prevention. 


Being an educator can come with some unique stressors. The effects of stress can lead to negative outcomes for both educators and students. In addition to the action that must happen at the organizational and systemic levels to create and sustain change, educators can boost their resilience through simple - though not always easy - activities and strategies. In this webinar, educators will learn how to: enhance their awareness through mindfulness practices, identify possibilities for enhanced wellbeing and create space to support change and boost resilience.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Learn three mindfulness practices.
  • Identify infinite possibilities for wellness and potential barriers.
  • Identify supports to get “unstuck” and create lasting change.


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At WellEducator we wholeheartedly believe that nurturing others begins by nurturing oneself. This Educator Wellness Series is designed for you, the educator, to take a break from what can feel like an overwhelming hustle to prepare, deliver, and support your students and focus on your own wellbeing. We also believe EVERY educator is doing the best they can, and there is always room for growth and development.

We designed this 4 Session Series to support you in tapping into your resiliency skills, increasing your self-compassion, creating self-care routines, building a practice of gratitude and appreciation and celebrating - even those small successes - to support your wellbeing. We know you are showing up for your students, that’s what you do! It’s time to take a time out just for you!


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