Fostering Grief Ready Workplaces: A Starter Kit for Mental Health and School Mental Health Leadership

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The Fostering Grief Ready Workplaces - A Starter Kit for Mental Health and School Mental Health Leadership aims to provide essential ingredients to guide you and your organization through the basics of supporting a grieving workforce.

This starter kit recaps the contents we covered in the Grief Readiness Lab (April- May 2021) and Series (November-December 2021). We offer an overview of what was explored in the Lab and Series, and a taste of some of the conversations shared among participants. The pilot and series were created and hosted by Workplace Resilience, a program of The Dinner Party, and the Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and advised by the National Center for School Crisis & Bereavement.

Just as we shared in our 2021 Spring Lab and Series, that time and this guide won’t be everything to figure out every little detail for the workforce's grief response approach. We offer this guide not to provide a copy-and-paste solution but instead to offer a framework that each individual school counselor or mental health professional could use to begin developing their team’s unique grief readiness plan, recognizing that each participant holds a distinct role and sphere of influence in their school or organization.


What’s inside the guide?

  • Compilation of content we engaged with during the Spring 2021 Lab and Fall 2021 Series
  • Quotes from participants & learnings from our discussions; participants represented mental health and school mental health workplaces, represented decades of cumulative; there was much to learn from the lived experience of those in the room.
  • Practical activities and strategies you can employ
  • Reflection questions which guided participants toward creating their own Grief Readiness plans and programs. These are questions that you can return to again and again, and each time has the potential to spark something new.


Who is this guide for?

  • Supervisors, managers, directors, administrators and leadership of school and mental health organizations, agencies, and agencies
  • Human resources professionals Mental health and school mental health providers (e.g., therapists, social workers, peer support professionals)
  • Technical assistance providers, coaches, consultants
  • Trauma informed professionals
  • And anyone else interested in being grief sensitive at work
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