Queer and Trans Youth Mental Health: Trauma-Informed & Anti-Racist Co-Conspiratorship | Recorded Webinar


This webinar provides a community-defined and evidence-based foundation for mental health providers serving queer and transgender communities. Drawing from historical and current perspectives, this webinar introduces a comprehensive approach to queer and transgender care with a focus on trauma-informed care for trans youth. Centering anti-racism, community lived experience, and an interdisciplinary framework, this webinar explores strengths, weaknesses, and best practices of trauma-informed care for trans youth.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Develop historical context and evolution of transgender care, diagnoses, and pathologization 

  1. Identify strategies for establishing trust, rapport, and mitigating medical mistrust 

  1. Address the role of mental health clinicians as allies and co-conspirators in advancing equity 

  1. Develop awareness and knowledge of the diversity of transgender experiences and identities 

  2. Explore best practices of trauma-informed care for queer and trans youth



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Books on Race & Gender

Books on Transitioning


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Ryan Kim Tiêu, Associate Clinical Social Worker

Ryan Kim Tiêu is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Associate Director of Transgender Services at the San Francisco Community Health Center, a department within a larger health center staffed by and for transgender people providing mental health, healthcare, and advocacy services for queer and transgender community members. In conjunction with professional expertise, Ryan incorporates their lived experiences as a first-generation immigrant, queer, transgender, and young person of color into their praxis, training, and theories of change. 

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February 6, 2023
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