Redefining Strength: Men's Mental Health in Rural Settings


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Event Description

In this workshop, we'll explore innovative strategies to engage and connect with conservative men in our communities. Discover effective approaches to make mental health services more appealing and accessible to men, while respecting their values and preferences. Gain valuable insights and guidance on fostering a safe and supportive environment where men can open up and receive the help they need. Together, we will redefine strength in the context of men's mental health, ensuring that every member of our rural communities receives the care and support they deserve. Join us in this important mission to make a lasting impact on men's mental wellness in rural settings.


Andrew Jordan Thayer, PhD, LP

Dr. Jordan Thayer brings a perspective on men's mental health that is deeply rooted in a life journey that's taken him across the United States. Raised in the heart of Wyoming, he understands the values and principles that resonate with traditional American men, as well as the benefit of studying and learning from the values and principles of other conceptualizations of masculinity to improve the lives of men, particularly young men, and teens, across the country. With a background in human psychology, Jordan believes in the usefulness and importance of mental health organizations and practices in transforming lives. As a former teacher and now a Licensed Psychologist, he has dedicated his career to challenging ingrained beliefs and behavior patterns, and he has done this work in various rural communities across the country. Throughout his journey, Jordan has supported children, families, and educators in overcoming challenges, including anxiety and depression. He has established and directed school-based mental health clinics, worked in pediatric and general hospital settings, and currently runs a private practice specializing in supporting teenagers, adults, and young professionals. He is also a co-founder of Benessere Consulting Group and Thayer Organizational & Psychological Services, consultancies that work in collaboration with Continua Consulting Group.

Driven by his expertise in psychology, education, and consultation, Jordan is committed to helping teens, young adults, and particularly men across the country.

October 18, 2023
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