Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth Among Mental Health Providers

Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth Among Mental Health Providers
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This workshop targeted to mental health providers will explore the concepts of personal resilience and post-traumatic growth, including definitions and application of the ideas in personal and professional life. The links between adverse events and challenges will be discussed and how we can use these difficulties to help us grow stronger and more balanced through post-traumatic growth. Strategies for building resilience and encouraging growth will be sought from participants and discussed from a Post-Traumatic Growth lens and from the positive psychology “Flourishing” model- Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA).


Webinar Objectives:

  • Explore resilience and post-traumatic growth for mental health providers
  • Identify links between difficult situations and post-traumatic growth
  • Review PERMA (Seligman) model
  • Identify strategies for flourishing for mental health providers
November 20, 2020
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