The Weight of Injustice: Exploring the Intersectionality of Fatphobia, Racism, and Mental Health


Body image and weight are topics that most likely everyone has thought of at some point. Join the discussion to see how they're impacting mental health!

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Despite numerous harmful effects, weight bias and anti-fat attitudes are rarely acknowledged as intersectional issues of social (in)justice. This presentation will help attendees (a) conceptualize the historical injustices, sociocultural norms, and everyday pressures that make weight stigma an issue of social justice, (b) critically reflect on their own implicit biases around body size diversity and the professional imperative to deconstruct size-based prejudice, and (c) explore strategies to support weight inclusivity and body liberation in schools and mental health settings that can help reduce fatphobia’s oppressive consequences. 


Stephanie Campbell, PhD

Stephanie Campbell

Dr. Stephanie Campbell is a half-Filipina, mid-fat, cisgender (she/her) daughter of an immigrant who grew up in a one-stoplight town in Arkansas. She is also a 2022 graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s school psychology program. Stephanie's research interests center around minoritized identities and their impacts on mental health. She is especially interested in how experiences of race, body image, and weight stigma affect the wellbeing of children and adolescents—particularly in relation to the implications of culture, socioeconomic status, power/privilege, and gendered societal expectations. Stephanie approaches these intersectional topics through a lens of social justice and believes health service psychologists and school employees should know and do more in these areas. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys cooking without recipes, consuming an absurd amount of podcasts/audiobooks, ocean paddling, board gaming, and exploring the natural beauty of her island home.


April 14, 2023
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