Virtual Learning Guide

We are all experiencing a great deal of personal and professional change in the current environment. One of our many transitions is the shift to remote work and digital platforms. As our field quickly moves teaching and learning activities online, we offer this resource for designing and delivering effective and engaging digital learning.

This resource is structured as a workbook for facilitators. It includes tips, examples, and reflective questions for those who are leading online professional development and other group learning events. This guide provides technical and interactive strategies and approaches to virtual learning to support the mental and school mental health workforce. It includes six sections:


  1. Technology Guidance: Technical set up and delivery
  2. Virtual Facilitating Strategies and Choices: Ensuring accessibility and matching learning outcomes to technology platforms
  3. Content Guidance for Content Creators: Leading trauma-informed virtual learning events
  4. Facilitation Guidance: Support for optimal facilitator/presenter experience
  5. Learning Guidance: Priming the participant for an effective learning experience; considerations for trauma-informed and culturally competent virtual learning
  6. Resources and References for Future Learning: A guide to more information


We hope the guide can support your agency, organization, or team’s navigation of virtual learning environments. Please adapt, adopt, and disseminate as is useful.


Virtual Learning Guide cover page shown with supporting pages behind


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