We Make the Path by Walking #7 -- "Walking a Parallel Path" | Podcast

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Listen to the podcast on "Walking a Paralell Path," the seventh session of Rebekah Demirel's series "We Make the Path by Walking" series. For many of us working in the fields of mental health services or teaching, we may notice that the very issues we help our clients with, are things we recognize in ourselves. We’ll discuss how this useful teaching tool in our work not only gives us empathy, but can help us heal our own wounds. Find out more about her series here.


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Rebekah Demirel L.Ac., MPCC


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Rebekah Demirel L.Ac., MPCC is the founder and director of Trauma Integration Programs, with more than a decade as an ambulance paramedic, twenty-two years as a paramedic trainer, eighteen years of mental health counseling experience, specializing in traumatic stress and she is a licensed East Asian medicine practitioner and acupuncturist. Rebekah’s unique skill set and experience are informed by her own traumatic childhood and teen years spent on the street and in the foster care system, giving her a special familiarity and empathy for trauma and loss.   





April 30, 2021
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