Year 3 Overview

year 3 smh

August 2020 - August 2021


Learn more about what the School Mental Health Supplement to the Northwest MHTTC accomplished in our third year of operations with this 2-page infographic.

Washington MTSS Fest  - August 12, 2021
As implementers of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports Framework for Washington State, the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning (CISL) strives to create opportunities for any individual to learn and grow. The Northwest School Mental Health team delivered two presentations at the 2021 Virtual MTSS Fest. Sessions were facilitated by leaders in our MTSS Community, OSPI Staff, and Capital Region ESD 113.


Summer Institute 2021 - Renew, Restore, Restart: Adapting Tiered Supports for the New Now - August 9, 2021 
The NWPBIS Network and Sound Supports hosted a day of quality webinars with content around adapting systems to respond to the current and changing school environments. This event was sponsored in part by the school mental health supplement to the Northwest MHTTC.


The Mental Health Impacts of Surviving COVID-19: Implications for School Mental Health - June 25, 2021
This is a conversation with four survivors of COVID-19, all of whom identify as long-haulers (people who “have not fully recovered from COVID-19 weeks or even months after first experiencing symptoms,” according to Harvard Health). Like Derek, Karla, Mieka, and Jessica, “some long-haulers experience continuous symptoms for weeks or months while others feel better for weeks, then relapse with old or new symptoms. The constellation of symptoms long-haulers experience, sometimes called "post-COVID-19 syndrome” (Harvard Health: If you've been exposed to the coronavirus). Dr. Kira Mauseth provided an overview about Long COVID behavioral health.


Virtual AWSP & WASA Summer Conference 2021 - June 2021
Summer Conference 2021 featured John Hattie, Peter DeWitt, DJ Batiste, Floyd Cobb, John Krownapple and more.


Washington MTSS PLC January - June 2021
The Office of Superintendents of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (NW-MHTTC) along with other partners provided a series of webinars for educators, administrators, and stakeholders to come together to collaborate on topics and find common solutions.


MHTTC National School Mental Health Best Practices - Always and Now 8-Part Learning Series  February - May 2021 
The MHTTC Network hosted an 8-part training series using the National School Mental Health Best Practices: Implementation Guidance Modules for States, Districts, and Schools. This resource was developed by the MHTTC Network in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH) and aims to help states, districts and schools advance comprehensive school mental health and engage in a planning process for implementation.  


SMART Center 2021 Virtual Speaker Series -  December 2, 2020, March 3, April 7, May 5, June 2, 2021 
The school mental health supplement to the Northwest MHTTC co-sponsored the UW SMART Center's 2021 Virtual Speaker Series. Originally a series of in-person events, we moved these presentations to a virtual format due to COVID-19. Check out the 2021 UW SMART Center Speaker Series Recordings, Materials, & Resource Document.

  • Dr. Rhonda Nese: "Developing an Instructional Alternative to Exclusionary Discipline Practices" with Q&A
  • Dr. Anne Gregory: "Strengthening Relationships and Repairing Harm: A Paradigm Shift in School Discipline Practice and Research"
  • Dr. Ilene Schwartz & Ginger Kwan: "Using a Racial Equity Theory of Change (RETOC) to Facilitate Collaboration Between University Researchers and a Community Based Organization​"
  • Dr. Emma Elliott-Groves: "Indigenous Systems of Relationality: Designing for Transformative Agency in Indigenous Community Psychology​"
  • Dr. Janine Jones: "Culturally Responsive School Mental Health Interventions: Adapting Evidence-Based Treatments"


Connections We Need: Supporting the Resiliency of Youth and Young Adults - April 16, 2021
The "Connections We Need" session served as a kick-off for a series of summer professional development opportunities led by youth that provided expanded learning opportunities and programs with school staff, who support them where they are, as they navigate the impacts from the pandemic, trauma, and interruption of their social emotional journey.


Optum Idaho Virtual Conference - April 13 - 14, 2021
The Optum Idaho Conference is a statewide event established to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise, experiences, and to collectively discuss emerging opportunities and potential solutions.


The 18th International Virtual Conference on Positive Behavior Support - March 17 - March 19, 2021 
The Association for Positive Behavior Support’s 18th International Virtual Conference featured over 100 oral presentations, posters and pre-conference workshops highlighting empirical findings, assessment and intervention methods, current topics, and other aspects of Positive Behavior Support (PBS).


19th Annual NWPBIS Network Conference - February 24 - 26, 2021 
The NWPBIS Network provided a quality day of webinars with content around adapting systems to respond to the current and changing school environments. This event was sponsored in part by the school mental health supplement to the Northwest MHTTC.


WSCA Virtual Annual Conference - February 24 - 26, 2021 
The Washington School Counselor Association (WSCA) represents certificated Professional School Counselors who work in public and private schools at all levels. The WSCA promotes best practices in and advocates for professional school counseling by providing leadership and professional development that promotes positive student outcomes in the areas of academic support, career planning, and personal/social development, thereby enhancing achievement for every student.


Alaska Autism Resource Center's 2020 Online Autism Conference November 9-11, 2020 (Online)
The Alaska Autism Resource Center (AARC) offered a FREE Online Autism Conference.


The ISF West Coast Party Webinars: Enhancing MTSS - Integrating Student Mental Health and Wellness through Systems, Data, and Practices - October 2020 - February 2021 (Online)
The Northwest MHTTC and the Pacific Southwest MHTTC extended deeper technical assistance on the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF). Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) is a structure and process that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency by blending the strengths of school and community mental health with strengths of the multi-tiered framework of PBIS (Barrett, Eber, Weist, 2013).


Self-Care and Compassion for the Educator Webinar Series - October - December, 2020 (Online)
The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and the Northwest PBIS Network collaborated to bring you a FREE, 3-part webinar series presented by WellEducator, LLC. The Self-Care and Compassion for the Educator webinar series was part of The Back-to-School Series - Supports for Staff, Students & Families During COVID-19.


Managing Anxiety & Return to School Webinar Series - September - December, 2020 (Online)
The Managing Anxiety & Return to School webinar series was part of The Back-to-School Series - Supports for Staff, Students & Families During COVID-19. This series was designed to highlight what anxiety looks like and walk through evidence-based interventions for anxiety in educational settings.


Leading Our School Systems & Communities Through and After Wildfire - September 30, 2020 (Online)
The Northwest MHTTC and the Pacific Southwest MHTTC collaborated on a virtual town hall on school mental health leadership in times of wildfire. Six principals, superintendents, county and state office of education leaders from Washington State, California, and Oregon who have experienced wildfires offered reflections, lessons learned, and shared their stories. Leaders were in conversation for the first portion of the townhall and then answered questions through a moderated Q & A.

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