25th Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health

About the Annual Conference:

The Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, brought to you by the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH) is the nation's premier interdisciplinary conference on school mental health, bringing together local, state and national and international experts to advance knowledge and skills related to school mental health practice, research, training and policy. This year, the conference was virtual and free! 

Scroll further for a complete listing of MHTTC pre-recorded conference sessions! You can find those MHTTC conference sessions AND our official MHTTC Network Exhibit up on display here!

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MHTTC Conference Sessions

We are excited to share the following listing of conference sessions led by the MHTTC Network on a variety of timely school mental health related topics. All pre-recorded sessions will be available for unlimited access on the NCSMH website starting on October 29th for all conference registrants!

  • Live Plenary Session: Classroom WISE: Well-being Information and Strategies for Educators | Learn about the FREE 3.5 hour mental health literacy course for educators and school staff that is currently being developed by the MHTTC Network and the National Center for School Mental Health. The purpose of the course is to equip educators with the understanding and strategies to promote student mental health and well-being and support students experiencing adversity, distress, and mental health challenges in the classroom. The course is launching in early 2021 - attend this live session to get a sneak peak!
  • Pre-recorded Session: Supporting Effective School Mental Health Systems | In this seminar, the MHTTC Network Coordinating OfficeNortheast and Caribbean, Mid-America, and South Southwest MHTTCs will provide an overview and three examples of technical assistance based on the National School Mental Health Curriculum, developed in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health. The curriculum includes eight one-hour modules outlining a comprehensive school mental health system that aligns with multi-tiered systems of support. 
  • Pre-recorded Session: Helping Teachers Support Student Mental HealthSupporting teachers in basic mental health literacy training can have a strong impact on the success of every student. It can start as early as a teacher’s preparation program and can continue with ongoing professional development throughout one’s teaching career. This symposium will address three educator training strategies, innovations, and opportunities provided by the Mountain Plains, Great Lakes, and New England MHTTCs. 
  • Pre-recorded Session: Compassionate School Practices: Fostering Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being | Led by the New England MHTTC, this session tells the story of the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC), a group of educational leaders who implemented the C-TLC's approach to children’s mental health in schools, using Heart Centered Learning®—a theoretical framework for social emotional learning and compassionate community-building in schools, and the Compassionate School Mental Health Model—a community-based, collaborative wraparound services model. Learn more about their evidence-based, recovery-oriented, trauma-skilled recommendations.
  • Pre-recorded Session: Building Capacity of Schools to Address the Mental Health Need of American Indian Youth using a Community of Practice Approach | The Mountain Plains MHTTC provides a description of how a community of practice approach was used to advance school mental health among American Indian youth in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. They also describe the strengths and barriers to implementing a multi-tiered approach in schools serving American Indian youth and strategies they employed to ensure engagement and sustainability.
  • Pre-recorded Session: Development of Internship Training Opportunities in School Mental Health | To increase the pool of trained school mental health personnel to address the significant mental health issues in rural and urban communities in Nebraska, the Mid-America Mental MHTTC provided consultation to two exemplar graduate level internship training opportunities in comprehensive school mental health. This presentation will (a) describe the Mid-America MHTTC, including the continuum of training and technical support provided in the area of school mental health; (b) describe the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with local agencies in establishing and implementing training programs,  including the content guided by the National Center on School Mental Health; and (c) discuss ideas for graduate level training.
  • Pre-recorded Session: Better Together: Addressing School Mental Health With Community Partners | This presentation from the Mid-America Mental MHTTC will (1) describe visionary leadership for implementation of comprehensive school behavioral and mental health systems of support; (2) outline components of universal, targeted, and intensive school behavioral and mental health supports; and (3) outline facets of a partnership between Millard Public Schools and UNMC's Munroe Meyer Institute, including training and technical support through the Mid-America MHTTC, and onsite mental health service delivery. Strategies for navigating and maintaining collaborative community partnerships will be introduced and will highlight effective communication through an intensive case study.


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