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Mental Health on the Job: Video Tip Series for Employers & Employees

Working can be vitally important for the recovery and well-being of people with mental illness. Their employers -- and the workforce as a whole -- also benefit from their lived experience. But people with mental health challenges who are new or returning to the workforce can experience difficulty finding a job. And both employees and employers can struggle with how to approach workplace accommodations.

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The Pacific Southwest MHTTC's new video tip series is designed to support the full engagement of people with mental health challenges in the workforce. Each short, 3-minute video is loaded with practical tips and key considerations to make the workforce work for everyone. Click for more information and available videos.



Student Mental Health Championship: Why It Matters

In this short video that was scripted, conceptualized, and facilitated by youth from Long Beach, CA, young people describe why school mental health championship is vital to student mental health and the challenges and key success factors that contribute to adults showing up as allies to young people in their mental health championship & leadership. Produced by Youth Leadership Institute. Watch on YouTube.

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Mental Health Literacy & Student Learning Outcomes Webinar 1: An Introduction

Are you a school instructional leader who wants to learn about school mental health, or a mental health provider who wants to learn about the contexts of schools and student learning outcomes? Often, the conversations between educators and mental health providers are siloed and separated. This archived webinar bridges the conversation so that both perspectives can learn from one another to better support the students they serve.


In this recording, you’ll learn more about:


  • Common mental health issues among students and their potential effects on learning outcomes
  • The relationship between socio-emotional development, student learning, and academic success
  • An introduction to mental health in the classroom and school, including barriers to help-seeking and provision
  • How to enhance our role as supportive adults for students with mental health and emotional challenges and strengths


Watch on YouTube.




Creating Trauma-Informed Policies: A Practice Guide for School and Mental Health Leadership

Want to figure out how to create and develop policies that contribute to trauma-informed school environments? Tasked with ensuring trauma-informed work is sustainable and scalable at your school, district office, agency, department, or organization? During this session, we'll explore the four choice points leaders face; tips for successful policy development and implementation; and examples of current policy at the local, district, state, and federal levels from which you can choose and use for your own work. Additional resources include: Creating Trauma-Informed Policies: A Practice Guide for School & Mental Health Leadership: Guide and Infographic. Watch on YouTube.



Community-Defined Evidence: Culturally-Appropriate Approach- Meeting MH Needs of Diverse Populations

This pre-recorded webinar session celebrates culture and communities, and explores community programs and practices that work and are helping people. The session explores how we collectively approach the concept of evidence, effectiveness of practices, and the role of communities in achieving positive outcomes for individuals experiencing mental health conditions. This discussion is intended for clinicians, mental health program providers, evaluators, and others. Watch on YouTube.




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