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Building a Diverse Workforce from the Ground Up
April 16, 2019

Expanding workforce diversity is a critical strategy to support improved access to health and health care for communities of color. To support this work, the PS MHTTC created a self-assessment tool to help mental health organizations explore their implementation of workforce diversity strategies: Assessing Workforce Diversity: A Tool for Mental Health Organizations on the Path to Health Equity.

This workshop explores each of the tool's six key domains to build workforce diversity:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Recruitment
  • Orientation, Onboarding, and Ongoing Training
  • Retention and Professional Development
  • Communication
  • Partnership and Community Goals

This workshop outlines the purpose of these areas in strengthening workforce diversity and explore the different issues that require attention.



  • Explore the importance of a diverse workforce in effectively addressing mental health disparities for the populations in your community.
  • Identify the critical components needed to assess the successes and challenges of your mental health organization in building a diverse workforce.
  • Identify areas in which your organization excels and also areas in which you may want to focus attention.
  • Identify action steps to address areas where your organization is more limited and incorporate these action steps into an existing organizational plan (e.g., strategic, cultural competency, or diversity plan).



  • Policy makers
  • Mental health leaders
  • Service providers
  • Human resource officers
  • Community partners
  • Mental health advocates


Title slide for Building a Diverse Workforce from the Ground Up