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Trauma-Informed Suicide Prevention for Educators: Stories, Science, and Strategies
Collaborating TTC: Pacific Southwest MHTTC
April 4, 2019

Mental Health and Student Learning Outcomes Webinar Series #2

Join nationally recognized suicide prevention advocates Leah Harris and Kelechi Ubozoh in exploring what a trauma-informed suicide prevention approach for educators might look like. This webinar begins with the perspective of a young person with lived experience of suicidal thoughts. Presenters identify common myths and misconceptions about students and suicide, and explore the vital importance of including students as partners in suicide prevention efforts. Examples of promising student-led initiatives, including peer-to-peer programs and school awareness campaigns, are provided.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify several myths or stereotypes about suicide and students
  • Explore a framework for understanding suicide prevention through a trauma-informed and healing-centered lens
  • Understand the links between trauma, toxic stress, and suicide and the latest findings in neuroscience that cite connectedness as a vital protective factor
  • Describe the central values of trauma-informed practice and how to apply them to suicide prevention efforts in educational settings
  • Name examples of model student-led suicide prevention programs and campaigns


Title slide for Trauma Informed Suicide Prevention webinar