back to school message written on chalkboard

August is "Back to School" Month

Publication Date: Aug 07, 2023

Check out these resources from the Southeast MHTTC School Mental Health Initiative to help make 'Back to School' a time to thrive for teachers and all students.


1. Comprehensive report including creative strategies for recruiting and retaining School Mental Health Providers

      Recruitment and retention of School Mental Health Providers are essential to strong, healthy schools. Students have mental health needs ranging from promoting positive mental health to early intervention to treatment (1 in 5 students are facing a mental health illness). School Mental Health Providers are vital to addressing all of these needs, which in turn improves academic performance of students and reduces behavioral problems in classrooms.       


2. Practical, evidence-based strategies to support the mental health of autistic students

      1 in 36 students have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autistic students are much more likely than non-autistic students to experience mental health challenges including anxiety, emotional regulation difficulties, & executive functioning difficulties. Using practical, evidence-based strategies to support autistic students contributes to creating a school ecosystem where autistic and non-autistic students can collaborate and all thrive in the classroom.


3. Foster safe environments through affirming mental health support for LGBTQ+ students

      When students feel safe at school their academic performance increases as well as their contribution to the school community. Students who feel a sense of connectedness at school have better mental health outcomes. Fostering safety and connectedness by offering affirming mental health support to LGBTQ+ students enhances the school experience for students, educators, and administrators.