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Confess Project Promising Practice (Fact Sheet)
February 27, 2023

About this Resource:

According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), Black Americans have substantially lower access to mental health and substance-use treatment services despite rates of behavioral health disorders not significantly different from the general population. There are multiple barriers to accessing mental health care within the Black community. While stigma surrounding mental health remains high, access to Black mental health professionals remains a challenge as well (Ward et al., 2013). Only 4% of therapists in the US identify as Black; and among Black therapists, only 4% are Black men. (Lin et al., 2018). Identifying strategies that increase access to quality care and decrease stigma among Black or African Americans remains a priority. The Confess Project of America, which trains community leaders such as barbers and beauticians to offer support and bridge the gap between unmet mental health needs in African American communities, is one emerging practice that may hold promise.