Addressing Traumatic Brain Injury: Neurodiversity Among Youth

Addressing Traumatic Brain Injury - Neurodiversity Among Youth

January 26, 2021


The Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (Mountain Plains MHTTC) is pleased to partner with the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (NASHIA) to provide training related to traumatic brain injury and mental health.


Karen McAvoy, PsyD presented a 90-minute session on Understanding Neurodiversity Among Youth. This session provided an opportunity for school mental health professionals, and clinicians working with children and adolescents, to develop a better understanding of the implications of neurodiversity (traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, and trauma) in a youth population.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to use the Building Blocks of Brain Development to understand typical neurodevelopment and neurodiversity among youth.
  • Develop skills in applying the screening and assessment strategies of the Building Blocks of Brain Development to serve youth with co-occurring developmental, mental health, and substance use disorders.
  • Examine the underlying skill deficits of "can'ts" (instead of "won'ts) which allows for antecedent management/interventions versus consequence-based management in serving youth.



Karen McAvoy, PsyD

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