Federal Health Privacy Laws: Basics for School Professionals Session 2

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About the Event:

There are multiple federal health privacy laws that may apply to student mental health information. To assist mental health professionals working in schools in understanding how the federal health privacy laws apply to student mental health information, the MHTTC Network and the Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information (CoE-PHI) hosted a two-part virtual learning series that:

  • Describes how federal health privacy laws (e.g., HIPAA and FERPA) apply to student mental health information
  • Explains how student mental health information can be protected and shared in compliance with federal health privacy laws
  • Discusses common scenarios involving student mental health information that arise in school settings through case study discussions led by clinical and legal experts
  • Demonstrates how relevant resources and technical assistance can be accessed through the MHTTC Network and the CoE-PHI

Session 2 built upon the learnings from Session 1 by reviewing common scenarios in school settings that involve student mental health information. Subject matter experts led a discussion about clinical and legal considerations for each scenario.

Intended Audience:

While all school administrators and personnel are welcome to view the recording, this program is specifically aimed toward school-based health and mental health professionals, including:

  • Health and mental health providers employed by a school district
  • Community providers contracted by a school district to work on site at a school
  • School-Based Health Center providers

Session Materials:

  • Click the "VIEW RESOURCE" button above to access the session recording
  • Click here to access the Case Scenarios handout that was used in this session.
  • Click here to view the session slides
  • Click here to access the Learning Series Highlights handout
  • Click here to access the session transcript.

Please note: This is session was part of a two-part virtual learning series. Although not required, viewing the recordings of both sessions is strongly recommended. For more information about this 2-part series, click here.

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