Identity Support Plan - A Tool to Support Elementary Schools in Planning, Safety, and Educational Equity for Gender Diverse Students


All public schools in California are required to offer Identity Support Plans (IDSP) for LGBTQ+ students in elementary, middle, and high school.  This Identity Support Plan for Elementary (IDSPE) is a form designed to be filled out collaboratively by school staff, the student, and the student’s caregiver(s) to ensure that students feel safe in classrooms and across the school environment.  The IDSPE tool was created to help gender-diverse students share anything that might make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. It also gives students a chance to share and express how they feel about their name and gender expression or identity.

You can also access the corresponding Identity Support Plan for Elementary (IDSPE) Explainer, which explains the IDSPE process, provides guidance about how to use the IDSPE tool, and offers strategies and discussion tips that school staff can use when working with caregivers and students.


All available IDSP tools and supporting documents can be accessed on the main product page

September 7, 2023
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