Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) 301: Installing an Integrated Approach

ISF is most transformative at the local level. This webinar details the installation process at the district, community, and school level that results in a comprehensive ISF action plan.

This webinar is led by Susan Barrett, contributing author for the ISF Fact Sheet series. She is joined by school district and system-based ISF practitioners from the Northwest and Pacific Southwest regions, Jennifer Kubista (Oregon) and Kaci Fleetwood (Nevada). Presenters share their ISF implementation challenges, celebrations, and lessons learned or learning.



  • Define the appropriate roles, functions, and mission of a District/Community Leadership Team (DCLT)
  • Learn the strategies needed to conduct a robust assessment of existing mental health and MTSS resources
  • Understand the process through which the DCLT selects interventions and monitors outcomes
  • Discuss installation challenges, solutions, and innovations with ISF practitioners


Title slide for Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) 301 Webinar


February 14, 2020
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