May 2021 School Mental Health Newsletter

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As May and Mental Health Awareness Month come to a close we are hopeful for what the future (short and long term) has in store. This last year has brought significant attention to our individual and collective mental health and well-being. We are excited to share the May newsletter and the new resources, information, training, along with the opportunity for you to let us know how we can support your school mental health efforts in Year 4 of our supplement funding that will begin in mid-August. 

We invite you to reflect on this school year as it also comes to an end and commit to changes you can make across classrooms, school buildings, and districts to create more equitable, nurturing, inclusive, and positive environments for students, families, and staff. We'd love to hear ways you have prioritized the mental health and well-being for everyone so that we can collect examples to share out. Please email us your examples. 

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