Medicaid Managed Care and School Mental Health

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Medicaid is a leading source of financing for school mental health services and programs, and in most states Medicaid-enrolled youth receive their benefits through Medicaid Managed Care plans.  This webinar will provide an enhanced understanding of how school mental health services can be paid for through Medicaid, with a special focus on Medicaid Managed Care.  Through this webinar, our presenter Dr. Adam Wilk (Emory University) will clarify how it can be determined whether a given service will be reimbursable through Medicaid, and highlight how school mental health care providers can have different experiences when working with Medicaid Managed Care plans to pay for their services.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Specify the requirements that must be met in order to bill Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care plans for school mental health services.
  2. Discuss ways in which these requirements may vary across states as well as, within a given state, across Medicaid Managed Care plans.
  3. Describe opportunities to learn about the Medicaid Managed Care plans in your state and how to meet their requirements to pay for school mental health services.



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