Meeting the Moment Part 2: Panel Discussion

This panel discussion from the workshop “Meeting the Moment: Ensuring Safety and Educational Equity for Gender Diverse Students” was delivered by the Pacific Southwest MHTTC staff and a team of specialists in Orange County, California, in September 2023. 


Historically and across the nation, systemic discrimination and educational disparities have contributed to deleterious mental health impacts on transgender and gender diverse (TGD) youth. This panel discussion with TGD professionals expands upon the Part 1 Meeting the Moment Training component of the workshop. This discussion highlights the panelists’ personal and professional experiences working with TGD students.   They offer considerations and recommendations for drafting and implementing Identity Support Plans (IDSPs) that affirm and accommodate TGD gender identities in elementary and secondary schools. The workshop is based on a previously developed set of resources Identity Support Plans - Tools to Support Schools in Planning, Safety and Educational Equity for Gender Diverse Students. The recorded workshop offers a dynamic overview of how to utilize IDSPs to make educational spaces safe and inclusive for ALL students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.  


This Meeting the Moment Part 2 Panel video is designed for all education personnel (including school-based mental health providers, administrators, and other professionals) and features seven topical sections:


  1. Things that help and hurt
  2. Lived experience of families and young gender diverse children
  3. Lived experience on school-aged kids coming out as non-binary/transgender 
  4. How to be supportive and create a safe environment
  5. Bridging the conversation between families and schools in IDSP planning
  6. How to provide early helpful development pathways for kids
  7. Panelist take-aways
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