Part 2 - Working with Families of Trans & Non-Binary Youth

This is a recording of Part 2 of the Trans 101 Workshop Series - Working with Families of Trans & Non-Binary Youth on May 24, 2023.

In this final session, educator and advocate Sean Lare, addressed the wide range of responses to young people in their family or care coming out as transgender or non-binary and how affirmation is essential for the mental health, safety, and future of trans and non-binary youth. Mr. Lare used case examples, small group work and best practices to guide professionals who work with trans and non-binary youth and their caregivers or families to meet both the parent/caregivers and the young person “where they are” in their process and help identify where the adult is on the spectrum of acceptance. This webinar dove briefly into family systems work, spent time considering the short- and long-term impacts of family rejection on trans, non-binary, and gender diverse youth; and discussed methods to assess where the adults are in their ability and willingness to affirm and accept their young people. , as well as helped to guide the family unit towards attunement.

Viewers of this recording will learn:

  • The five stages of the Nelson Continuum as they relate to reactions to a person coming out as transgender or non-binary.
  • Examples from each stage of how a person might respond and explain how that type of response might affect a transgender or non-binary person.
  • Two different approaches used to support the youth and parent/caregiver.
  • External resources or supports for a youth and 1-2 external resources or supports for a parent/caregiver.
June 1, 2023
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